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Frequently Asked Questions

Features and Benefits

The Esidock is the most significant development to be introduced to the market in years. The transport, food and pharmaceutical related industries can now avail of this unique solution that provides a secure 4 sided environmental seal between the docked vehicle and the loading dock. It will provide major energy saving and hygiene benefits where an unbroken cold chain, zero contamination and load security is a necessity and it can be easily retrofitted to an existing building as well as being suitable for new builds.

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Sales Brochure

Esidock have revolutionised the drive-thru loading process where high levels of sanitation and energy conservation is demanded. Hygiene, temperature control and facility contamination during the loading and unloading processes are the major issues in food and Pharma related transportation. Read our Sales Brochure to learn about the history of the product, how it works and for any further information required.

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Environmental Audit

The Environmental audit will review the differences between a conventional vehicle docking system and the fully sealed Esidock system. A list of applicable environmental and health and safety considerations associated with vehicle docking systems will be provided, as will advice on EU / worldwide legislation applicable to the transport of foods/medicines sensitive to temperature and contamination. The Esidock is compared, contrasted and ranked against conventional refrigerated docking systems. Energy losses associated with conventional docking systems will also be summarised in comparison to the Esidock. Potential impacts due to the effects of temperature and contaminants on food and other temperature sensitive products will be outlined. Based on the calculated estimate of energy losses, comparison of the carbon savings for the Esidock and conventional systems will be determined. Register for the full details.

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Technical Details

The Esidock is made up of Non corrosive galvanised food grade components. These include a self adjusting four sided pressure tested inflatable dock seal and Retractable dock bumpers to allow unrestricted access into the docked vehicle. The vertically stored dock leveller is hydraulically operated and includes a powered front lip. The system is specifically designed to allow for easy cleaning of the complete loading dock. The Esidock can be integrated into an existing building or incorporated in a standalone dock pod; the pod can be insulated with a combination of door options depending on the application. It includes a waste water drain with access trap. All electrical components are IP67 protected. Register for a full technical specification to include full certification details and full technical drawings.

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Energy Saving Cost Analysis

The sealed nature of the Esidock system reduces energy losses associated with the loss of cold air in conventional docking systems for chilled or frozen products. Likewise where cold chain is not a necessity, Esidock can ensure no heat loss from your premises, therefore reducing energy bills. This has obvious cost and environmental benefits in terms of reduced carbon footprint. Based on the makeup of your premises let us carry out an energy saving analysis as to what benefits Esidock can specifically provide you with, and what the payback period will be. Register to get your site specific energy saving analysis.

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